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OrText is completely cloud-based. There’s no complicated setup, no special “app” required, tricky software to install or steep learning curve for you and your staff.

Create your OrText account and your first OrText message will be in your inbox within seconds.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re not happy with OrText, you can easily cancel anytime.

Mojo Impact OrText takes dry business inqueries and turns them into conversations between friends. Friends who want to buy from you.

How you receive your Mojo Impact OrText messages

Text (SMS) and picture (MMS) messages are sent to your email inbox. Inside every message there are two links: one to reply to the message and one to go to your OrText Subscription Portal where you manage your OrText respondents.

OrText works with any email client you have on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Reply to your OrText messages at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

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OrText Notification

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OrText Message Manager

How you reply to your messages

You reply to your messages using your favorite browser. Just click the “reply” link in the message to open the OrText Message Manager and respond with your text or picture message.

The entire chat history for each contact is color coded, time-stamped and saved so you can recall it anytime.

And, as you learn about the contact, you can add important details like name, email and notes to make the conversation more personal.

The OrText CRM

Within your OrText Subscription Portal is your OrText Customer Relationship Manager to track, filter and sort your OrText respondents.

You can add additional information for each respondent such as their name and email address.

Use the CRM as a stand-alone tool or export the data to your favorate auto-responder or marketing automation application.

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OrText Customer Relationship Manager
OrText phone calls

Phone Calls to Your OrText Number

Phone calls made to your OrText number seamlessly connect to your current business phone number.

You’ll know it’s a OrText call because, before the call is connected, you’re alerted by a “whisper voice” that you are receiving an OrText phone call.

Note that Mojo Impact OrText calls are inbound only. To respond to a phone call, use your regular business line.