• What is OrText?
  • OrText is a two-way text messaging system for small and medium businesses like yours. It adds SMS (text) and MMS (picture) messaging as a contact option.

  • I’ve got a phone, email, fax… why do I need to add text?
  • Text messaging is a better contact option. It’s fast, easy and private which means it eliminates the phone call hassles that makes people reluctant to call you. Remember, consumers would rather text you than call your competitors.

  • How does OrText work?
  • Once you subscribe, you'’ll be given an OrText enabled phone number. Text and picture messages go to your email inbox. Phone calls are seamlessly connected to your current business line. You reply to the messages through your favorite browser. All of your threads are time stamped and saved so you can recall them anytime. You can learn more here.

  • How many messages am I allotted per month?
  • Currently, you are allowed unlimited text and picture messages. And all for only $2.50 a day.

  • If I don’t like OrText, can I cancel?
  • Yes, you can easily cancel anytime. OrText is a month-to-month service without contacts, time-limits or fees or other restrictions. We make it easy to subcribe and unsubscribe to OrText. Learn more here

  • If I cancel, can I keep my OrText Phone number??
  • Yes, but before you cancel, youll need to go our support site and open a ticket to request that your number be ported to you. See section 5.3 of the Terms of Service for details.

    If you cancel without porting your number, your OrText enabled phone number will stop functioning immediately and return to general pool of phone numbers. It is unrecoverable.

  • Can I add more phones?
  • Yes, but you will need to upgrade to an OrText Altogether account.

  • Can I call out on my OrText number?
  • No. The OrText standard account allows for inbound calls only.

    If you wish to call out using your OrText phone number, contact Mojo Impact Support. However, it will probably be more cost effective for you to use your current business phone number.

  • Are there any additional or hidden fees?
  • No.

    The only addition charge is if you go over your allotment of voice minutes on inbound phone calls. You are allowed 120 inbound voice minutes. Over 120 minutes you are charged 2.5¢ per minute (rounded to the nearest minute).

    Need more than 120 inbound minutes? Contact us at Mojo Impact Support.

  • Can I change the email address where the messages are sent?
  • Yes. You can change the “to” email address and phone number anytime. In fact, it’s a good idea as your volume of messages grows to have a specific email address just for your OrText messages.

    To change your email address or phone number just open a ticket with at Mojo Impact Support.

  • Am I liable under the TCPA for SMS spam?
  • Yes and no. Yes, if you use a bulk SMS service to send out messages to consumers who have not opted-into receiving marketing messages from you. No, using just OrText .

    OrText is specifically designed not to be able to send bulk messages. As specified in the Terms of Service, OrText is designed for consumers to initiate contact using SMS or MMS and for you to reply back. It is simply a one-to-one dialog using text instead of voice or email.

    You can learn more here and here

  • Okay, I've got a Mojo Impact OrText phone number. Now what?
  • People know how to text, but they don't know that they can text you. You're going to want to promote your Mojo Impact OrText number so your people know they can reach you by text.

    For more information and ideas, visit this page.

Do you have more questions? Contact us here.

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