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Limiting your contact options is costing you sales!

Drive sales

When you advertise you want maximize your response. That means your ads must compel consumers to contact you immediately or their interest will wane and the opportunity will be lost.

Unfortunately, most businesses limit their contact option a telephone number. But the cold, hard truth is that most people don’t want to make a phone call and that costs you sales.

How do you overcome people’s inertia and encourage them to contact you immediately? Simply add OrText as contact option.

Adding OrText as a contact option boosts ad response dramatically. People know text messaging is fast, private, non-threatening and non-committal. Consumers can make a discrete inquiry in seconds and get on with their day. Best of all, it’s so easy for them to contact you they do act immediately, when their interest is at its peak.

OrText text messages mean consumers can get the answers they want in a non-threatening and non-committal way. And you get to initiate a personal and intimate conversation establishing a 2-way connection, so when the’re ready to buy, they will buy from you.

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