Consumers want it

9 out of 10 people want text as a contact option. If you add it, they will use it!

Consumers want to text you.
So why not let them?

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It’s fast and easy to use

No one wants to be stuck on hold or play phone tag. Text eliminates phone call hassles

The easier it is to reach you
The more people who will

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It drives sales

Boost ad response rates — Consumers know text is fast, convenient and private making easy to reach out to you.

With OrText consumers respond to your ads
immediately when their interest is at its peak

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It saves you time

Respond to multiple messages in less time than it takes to complete one phone call

It saves you money too

Business calls cost between $6-20 each. OrText is just $2.50 a day with unlimited messages

Gain a competitive edge

Most local businesses are behind the curve in offering the text messaging their customers want.